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"The Realogy Charitable Foundation's success is due to the efforts of its volunteers. They give countless hours to plan and run fundraising events which generate a tremendous impact locally. Each chapter is empowered to seek worthy charities in their local community to generate awareness and funding for their causes, and we are proud of their efforts."


Steven Yagozinski
Executive Director- Realogy Charitable Foundation


The Realogy Charitable Foundation was formed by Realogy Holdings Corp to raise awareness and financial support for charitable causes both locally and nationally that affect a positive change in the community.

Modeled as a Community Foundation with chapters throughout the United States, the Foundation accomplishes its mission through the efforts of Realogy Holdings Corp's employees and independent agents who volunteer their time to run events to support causes in their local community.

The Realogy Charitable Foundation does not operate with an endowment. The funds raised by the Foundation are made available solely through the efforts of its volunteers and the support of the companies and individuals who participate in our various fundraising efforts. Due to this fact, the Foundation does not accept unsolicited requests for support from any charity. Instead, our volunteers go through a process at the local level to consider causes in their communities.

Since 2004, The Realogy Charitable Foundation has donated $32 million to support over 1,800 charities.

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